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Our Self-Assessments are designed to:

  • Measure how political your workplace is – Does it have a lot of politics, or not much?
  • Measure how politically capable you are in three key areas – These three areas cover everything you need for managing the politics that you may encounter in your workplace
  • Measure the extent to which your goals are aligned with those of your workplace/organisation – This can be checked with trusted colleagues

There are TWO Self-Assessments currently available:

  1. The Universal workplace politics Self-Assessment – This has been designed to be applicable for all genders
  2. The Women’s workplace politics Empowerment Programme – This has been designed specifically for women

There is overlap between the two options, so select the one that works best for you. Each Self-Assessment will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will provide you with:

  1. an overview of workplace politics;
  2. a personalised Navigation Profile which includes a unique report for you to navigate the maze of workplace politics; and
  3. a Route Map containing information and advice on all aspects of workplace politics.

The cost of the self-assessment is £40 (GBP) and, once completed, you will be able to access all of the above resources. It is not an ‘IQ’ test, and it cannot be passed or failed.

The Self-Assessment is a particularly useful starting point for managing your workplace politics more effectively. The Navigation Profile provides you with lots of ideas, tips and suggestions for you to use on your real-life workplace (and personal) challenges. It is written specifically for you, depending on the answers that you provide.

Important footnote: Taking the assessment does not require you to be knowledgeable on the topic of workplace politics. You may be working in an organisation where there are lots of politics going on or none at all. You may be aware of the impact of workplace politics, or not. You may know about ‘workplace politics’, or not. It doesn’t matter as all the questions relate to you, your beliefs and your behaviour – all of which is well known to you. For interest however: here are some definitions of ‘workplace politics’:

  1. The way in which people, including yourself, behave at work
  2. The way people use power and influence in the workplace
  3. The choices we make when we interpret other people’s behaviour
  4. How aligned people are with their organisation

To take any of our Self-Assessments CLICK HERE

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