Who We Are

The Academy consists of a worldwide network of licensed navigators, skilled to deliver both workshops and coaching for those wishing to better navigate the maze of workplace politics. The Academy was formed in 2020 as a result of the passion of two people to help make a difference in the workplace:

Carole McKellar

“Never Turn Away”

Carole McKellar


David Bancroft-Turner

“There’s always a way”

David Bancroft-Turner


Many people think of workplace politics in the negative. We have a vision of helping people to turn this perspective into a positive AND to show you how this can be achieved.  We’ve designed a series of self-assessments, workshops and coaching, backed up by research and newly designed, pragmatic models, that will provide you with the necessary tools to manage your way through the complex maze of workplace politics.

We have a total belief that workplace politics can be a force for GOOD – providing a positive experience for individuals, teams and colleagues alike.

Learn how to navigate the maze of workplace politics by completing a self-assessment and receive a personalised navigation profile and Route Map. These resources will provide you with everything you need to manage workplace politics more effectively. CLICK HERE to access the self-assessments available.

Our list of Navigators (experienced trainers and coaches) can be found on our site, CLICK HERE, with contact details and location information.

For further information contact us  – CLICK HERE

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We produce a quarterly ‘snippets and tips’ on managing workplace politics. If you would like to receive your own copy, then let us have your email address here. We promise we won’t be bombarding you with anything else.